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Selim Bassoul CEO of Middleby Corp. Uses Adderall For ADHD

Today Adderall Sellers is proud to bring you the story of one of the most successful man in the world who suffers from ADHD. ADHD is a health problem that has been known for decades yet some doctors don’t recognize it as an actual health problem. Over the last decade ADHD has become really common. Nowadays you can easily find a kid or an adult around them suffering from this problem. All these people are helpless and in most of the cases these people have to deal with their problems all on their own.

It won’t be wrong if we say that ADHD has destroyed hundreds of thousands of lives only in USA alone. Yet there are some people who have solved their ADHD problem to achieve success that normal people just dream of. Today we came across one such person and we were amazed to know how well his fight against ADHD was and how Adderall helped him out.

Selim Bassoul the CEO with ADHD

Selim Bassoul is the man we are talking about and he is the CEO of Middleby Corporation. His story has been featured on all famous websites and blogs. Among all those the article published in The Wall Street Journal is worth mentioning (Click Here To Read). He is one of the most successful people in the kitchen supplies industry. You would wonder how a person suffering from ADHD can handle an entire company. Yes we know that a CEO has to go through meetings all day long and read memos and all that stuff. This is almost impossible for anyone suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Well this man has managed to do all that but with some help. This help was in the form of Adderall and some other things.

If you ever get a chance to meet this man you will see that how normal he looks from the outside. Yet from the inside this man has to deal with ADHD.

Initial Life With ADHD

Selim told us that he has been through a really hard life. In his childhood and teenage years he was usually rejected by people around him as he wasn’t able to interact with people around him properly. This almost shut him down from all that was happening around him. At some stage he even thought of killing himself for being in such a condition. Yet he fought back took over his mind and started taking Adderall on a friends recommendation. This was the changing point for his life.

He is currently 60 years old and he has been using Adderall periodically for almost 35 years now. Yet he doesn’t rely on Adderall alone to cope with ADHD. He takes many different therapies but he tells that most of those don’t work. The only reason behind taking them is to confirm that they are useless. He has controlled many things to keep himself concentrated but at times it becomes impossible and only Adderall helps.

How He gets His Adderall?

In his earlier days he told us that we wasn’t rich enough to go to doctors and get an Adderall prescription. So he had to stick to the street medications. He told us that at times when supply on the streets was low he had to pay as high as $50 to get one single pill and managing that was hard in that time. Yet he thought it as an investment for his business as only Adderall helped him to function properly.

It was after almost a decade that he was able to go to a doctor to get a prescription for Adderall. In this time he said that he was sold all sorts of fake pills on street. Differentiating between fake and harmful pills was really hard. He recommends that people should try to stay away from the street pills as they will kill themselves while trying to get rid of ADHD.

Some Advice For People With ADHD

Selim has all sorts of advice for people suffering from ADHD. He has suffered from it for half a century and he knows about it more than most of the doctors. One of the very first recommendations is that one should never over think and get depressed if they have ADHD. It is nothing unless or until you don’t freak out.

Second he says that you should never listen to the doctors and never take all those therapies. He criticized the spinners that are being sold in the market as ADHD treatment. He said everything is useless and ADHD can only be treated with proper medication. The only medication that he thinks will work for almost everyone is Adderall.

Yet he says that you should go to a doctor to get a prescription if you need one to get Adderall but most of the doctors aren’t good enough. So you will need to look around for alternatives. Some people get these medications from overseas and he himself used to travel to Canada to get Adderall. Well you don’t need to do all this as there are easier ways. We are one of these ways and we can provide you with Adderall at your doorstep in an easier way. All you need to do is Buy Adderall Online, pay for the order, and wait for it to arrive and use it to cure ADHD.

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