Modafinil: The Pill That Marines Take

Modafinil is the best drug that a marine, soldier or a pilot can take. Soldiers are the people who have to go through the toughest training in the world. Even after that, they have a really hard time coping with all sorts of situations in the field. One of the things that they can never overcome even after prolonged training is sleep.

How Sleep Can Be Lethal For A Soldier

Sleep can be a killer in the field. Leave sleep, if you talk about even a little bit of drowsiness, it can be killer. one mistake by a soldier can get dozens killed on the battlefield. In such situations, it is really important that a soldier stays alert and active.

Just imagine a group of soldiers on a covert mission for 2 long days in enemies territory. In this time the soldiers have to stay alert every single second. That’s almost impossible for almost everyone. Governments have spent millions of dollars to get a solution but at the end of the day, it was already available in the form of Modafinil.

How Common Is Modafinil Use In Army

Modafinil is being used by US airforce pilots on long missions for some time now. Now it is being used by soldiers during combat to gain an upper hand over the opponents. In Europe, many countries have replaced amphetamine based cognitive enhancers with Modafinil. Among these countries, UK and France are top users of Modafinil. On the other side of the planet, Indian Airforce has included these pills in their plans for their pilots.

Even astronauts being sent into space have been given Modafinil on the missions on the International Space Station.

People have always wondered about the Russian and Chinese army personnel. They were considered to be better and more focused as compared to their counterparts in alertness. Documents have proven that these countries have been manufacturing Modafinil based supplements for their soldiers for a long time.

Is Modafinil Safe For A Normal Person

After knowing so much one will wonder if Modafinil is safe for them. No need to worry, these pills are completely safe for you. A normal person tales smaller doses as compared to the soldier so there is no adverse effect.

You can either get it from a pharmacy with a prescription or otherwise, we are here. You can buy modafinil from us for better cognitive enhancement at any time. In case you wish to stick to a more traditional medication you can also get Adderall online from us. Stop thinking, act before you are left behind in life.

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