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Is Modafinil Better? Yes! The Best Brain Booster!

Modafinil is the best brain booster and way better than adderall if you administer it properly. If you are here, you probably know almost everything about Adderall but have you ever considered looking beyond Adderall. Has anyone recommended something that’s better than this orange pill? We will be discussing some alternatives that can prove to be better than Adderall.

So Adderall is the best brain boosting medications if you ask students at any school, college or university campus. There are dozens of students using these pills to get better grades. There are high chances that the topper in your class might have used these pills to outperform you. The question is that how can you be better than this person taking Adderall and we have the answer in the form of Modafinil.

Try Modafinil

It is a medication that has been on the pharmacy shelves for quite some time now. It is not so popular because doctors don’t like prescribing it to the patients as it’s cheaper as compared to other medications. Secondly, it is also a bit stronger and one has to manage doses carefully to get the right results.

Just like Adderall, Modafinil is also a prescription medication and you will need to buy it from us. Getting a prescription for these pills is as hard as getting Adderall but benefits surpass those of Adderall. One 200mg pill is more than enough for a day. In the beginning, you might have a hard time getting used to strong effect. Once your brain adjusts to it, you will be way ahead of those taking Adderall.

Does Modafinil Treat ADHD?

Yes, will be the answer to this question. Modafinil can help people with ADHD, but its main purpose is to promote wakefulness. Our recommendation will always be to consult your doctor once before you plan to switch from Adderall or any other ADHD medication to Modafinil.

In case you are hoping to do that on your own, you should start with smaller doses and increase the dose if required. We have Modafinil and Adderall both available. You can Buy Adderall if you wish to treat ADHD. For increasing your brains performance you can buy Modafinil. Try the right pills for a better experience.

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