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Why Our Prices Are Higher

Most of the people who come to us to get their medications get confused once they see the prices of medications of our medications. There are many different reasons for these higher prices and one of these reasons is the quality of our medications and services. We have seen some people claim that we are selling fake medications while many others think that we are selling original medications at extraordinarily low prices so we are scamming. Yet we are not doing any of these two. We are just providing people with the medications that they need and we cut our costs and profits to offer medications at these prices. So when you buy Adderall online legally from us you are not getting scammed or ripped by us as we are here almost always to answer all your queries.

Why Our Prices Are So Lower Than Others?

The medications that you are offered at the pharmacies and hospitals are from different brands who make huge profits. These brands have patented medications which mean that they have the right to produce and sell medications at their desired prices. So most of these companies usually make medications for less than $1 and after that, they sell it to pharmacies for about $7 and the pharmacies sell these to customers for $10. This will surely clear the image for you to a huge extent. This practice is limited to companies in USA, Europe, and other developed countries. The condition in many other countries is completely different.

We source our medications from pharmaceutical companies that don’t make such huge profits by using patents. So for example, if a pill is made for $1 we will get it for $3 and we are able to sell it at prices like $5 to the customer. This shows the huge difference in the profits that normal pharmacies and companies are making. We always try to keep our prices to the lowest so that our customers are able to get the maximum benefit.

Note: The prices quoted above are for example to clarify the scenario.

Where Do We Source Our Medications?

All our medications are sourced from pharmaceutical companies that comply with FDA rules and regulations. Most of the medications that we sell are actually destined to be sold in overseas markets where patent laws don’t exist and prices are lower as compared to the US. All our medications are safe for use and every batch is lab tested to ensure safety and quality.

We Don’t Sell Fake Homemade (Pressed) Medications

Most of the online pharmacies are selling fake pills. These pills could be considered pressed pills. These pills can be made anywhere. All one needs is a pressing machine. People mix different powders, binding agents, chemicals, and colors and press them to take pills. These pills are the most dangerous type of pills and they have taken hundreds of lives over the years. We are against such pharmacies and try to report them as soon as possible.

So for your safety please buy real Adderall 30mg online from Adderall Sellers and you will never be disappointed as we deliver on time in a professional manner.

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